Thursday, July 16, 1998


1. We must circumnavigate mainland Britain in an anticlockwise direction from Nyewood Lane, Bognor Regis to Nyewood Lane, Bognor Regis by walking the nearest safe path to the coast.
2. We may take as long as we like to do this.
3. We must not leave any bits out, not even a few yards when we have diverted inland to go to the loo or something.
4. We must do it in the right order or it doesn’t count, no filling in oddments later.
5. If there is a ferry which crosses a river or an estuary, we may use it.
6. We must count the piers and walk the length of each one that is open.
7. We must count the kissing gates, and kiss as we go through each one.
8. We must seek out as many ‘real ale’ pubs as we can find and sample the beer.
9. We must take at least one photograph on each walk, no matter what the weather or lighting conditions.
10. We must visit every ‘English Heritage’ property (or equivalent Scottish or Welsh one) which is within one mile of the coast.
11. We must ride on any Ferris wheel which is within half a mile of the coast.

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